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Assignment 1 – Big Splash

Map specific: Sunken Dragon

To activate the flood-gates you must press a button located in one of the towers on Northern side of the map, it's the tower closest to C flag (CQ Large). See the image in spoiler below.

As soon as the round starts, spawn on a quad-bike and go to the tower with the button right away. Activate it and you're done with that part of the assignment. Note that you won't be able to activate the button in Chain Link or Rush game-modes so play Conquest instead. If someone has already activated the flood-gates it is actually possible to activate them again. There are 2 buttons - one that raises and another that lowers the floodgates (thanks to null45 for confirming this).

For the second part of this assignment, you need to get 5 kills while swimming. If you flooded the Sunken Dragon map then the B flag (Restaurant) is a good place for some kills. You can also do these kills on Vanilla maps, so Flood Zone (after it's been flooded) is probably your best bet.

Reward: UNICA 6 (Sidearm)

Assignment 2 – Lions and Tigers and Bears

This is a very easy assignment and will come naturally if you're playing Assault class. No real strategy here, just play as an Assault and keep killing enemies. Depending on team rosters you’ll get this assignment done sooner or later.

Reward: BULLDOG (Assault Rifle)

Assignment 3 – Not the Weakest Link

Game-mode specific: Chain Link

PDWs are Engineer class specific weapons focused primarily on close combat. You have to get 2 PDW ribbons (a single ribbon requires 6 kills with PDWs in a round) which is fairly straight-forward.

Linking 10 points will come naturally simply by playing Chain Link. A "link" is created when two flags that are next to each other are captured by your team. You can even see the potential links on map.

Getting "Squad Order Followed" bonuses is easier than you might think. You can get this requirement done by either - being a squad leader yourself and having squad-mates follow your orders or by going to the flags which your squad leader commands you to. If you’re playing with randoms and your squad leader is not giving commands, you can request orders via Commorose (hold on PS3, on PS4) or you can make an new squad and be a squad-leader yourself. To give an order simply use spot feature (press on PS3, on PS4) on the icons of flags. It will then highlight the flag's icon (letter), as long as at least one of your squad-mates captures the highlighted flag, both you and squad-mate will get "Squad Order Followed" bonus. To “accept” an order, simply capture the highlighted flag.

Reward: MPX (PDW)

Assignment 4 – The 'I' in Team

For this assignment you have to get 2 Sniper-rifle ribbons (a single ribbon requires 6 kills with sniper rifles in a round), which can be done on any map.

For the second requirement you need to use Recon specific equipment Spawn Beacon and have squad-mates spawning on it 10 times. Deploy a beacon in a hidden place close to objectives and someone will surely spawn on it. You’ll know when someone spawns on your beacon as you’ll get a bonus for that.

The third and final requirement requires you to get 20 spot assists. You get a spot assist if the enemy you've spotted gets killed by a teammate. To spot simply press on PS3, on PS4. This is something that should come naturally but unfortunately not everyone uses the spot feature.

Reward: CS5 (Sniper Rifle)

Assignment 5 – Vanguard

You get Savior bonus by killing an enemy who’s dealing a lot of damage to your team-mates. The 5 saviour kills should come naturally as you play.

For the suppression bonus you have to suppress an enemy by shooting him or in his general direction, then a team-mate has to kill that enemy. Squad suppression assist bonus will not count for the assignment, it has to be "SUPPRESSION ASSIST 10" bonus specifically. This should come naturally (albeit slowly from personal experience) so if you want to get suppression assists more quickly, I suggest running around with either a belt-fed LMG and just spray and pray it or use a bolt-action sniper rifle. Remember that a team-mate has to kill the enemy you're shooting at.

Destroying 3 explosives is really easy – claymores, C4, AT mines and M2 slams all count as explosives. You can either drive around in a tank or LAV and destroy all mines or if you’re an infantry, keep an eye out for enemy claymore or C4 traps.

You'll unlock Ballistic Shield which is required for Bulletproof. Sort of... trophy.

Reward: Ballistic Shield (Support Equipment)

Assignment 6 – Road Warrior

Game-mode specific: Chain Link

You have to get 10 Capture Point Attacker and Defender kill bonuses each. You get Attacker bonus if you kill an enemy in a flag area you’re trying to capture. You get Defender bonus by killing an enemy who is trying to capture your objective. It will come naturally as long as you play Chain Link so don’t worry about it too much.

The final requirement is getting 25 shotgun kills which is relatively easy and can be done on any map or game-mode. From Dragon's Teeth maps, Pearl Market is a great place for shotgun kills but if you’re not a fan of the DLC maps, you can play TDM or Domination on Operation Lockers for some quick shotgun kills.

Reward: Road Warrior Dog Tag

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Product: Battlefield 1
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Summarize your bug Some Premium Pass holders are unable to unlock the They Shall Not Pass weapons through the Assignment Challenges on some or all Specialists. (Photos attached)
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Try to complete every Assignment challenges until you notice you cannot see your progress going up and resetting to default. Works for most players.
What happens when the bug occurs? I cannot unlock the new They Shall Not Pass weapons, in my case apart from the Medic Class. Only the Support, Scout and Assault are only affected. This can be different with other players. In a match the Assignment challenge number counter seems to work fine however when in the Customize Soldier Loadout Menu it shows no number or % unlocked. I have seen other people with the same problem including friends, for example the Medic Assignment didn't unlock but Support worked for them and Medic worked fine for me but Support hasn't for me. Yes I'm a 10000% sure I have Premium, see photos attached. I feel like we shouldn't really have to do challenges anyway as it's not free content. I contacted EA support but they said they 'Did not have the tools to help me with this.' They told me to Restore Licences and re-install BF1 but this did not work me but I recommend trying anyway. Hope to see this fixed sometime soon or just scrap the whole Assignment Challenge idea to solve this instantly. Thanks for reading hope this helps. Anyone else please comment if you have the same problem. PSN: XxKliveKushxX
Please select your regionEurope
In what game mode did the bug occur? Conquest
AMD or Nvidia Model Number
Enter RAM memory size in GB

See both photos together. This shows my challenges are not showing on the Loadout Menu properly.

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