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"Music never stopped a war or put an end to greed or the hunger for power. But it was never supposed to. It has no reason, just as life has no reason. It just is. And what it is is the best that we can hope to be." Music is the talent - and the curse - that spans three generations to link Alex Rivera with the secrets of his family's past. Plucked from obsurity and thrown t"Music never stopped a war or put an end to greed or the hunger for power. But it was never supposed to. It has no reason, just as life has no reason. It just is. And what it is is the best that we can hope to be." Music is the talent - and the curse - that spans three generations to link Alex Rivera with the secrets of his family's past. Plucked from obsurity and thrown together with four other musical "prodigies," Alex rides the power of his music to fame and fortune as the lead-guitarist for Asturias, the latest creation of the music industry machine. But will the forces of commercialism and the stresses of fame destroy them, just as a bloody civil war tore apart another group of young idealists six decades earlier? How could anything go wrong? Everything's on track. You're on top of the world. Which is great. As long as you don't look down ......more

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Published January 1st 1996 by University of Queensland Pr (Australia)

Brian Caswell's Asturias

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The novel, Asturias written by Brian Caswell holds its reputation with its relevance and effectiveness to the given audience. It captures the audience¡¦s attention with a modern story set in contemporary times. It addresses issues that concern today¡¦s youth with l„Zve, hate, friendship, abuse, gay rights and betrayal. With the parallel story involved with the civil war; it gives the audience an understanding of Australia¡¦s history and how it changed and affected today.

Asturias concerns a group of adolescent youths, who are in search for fame and fortune. They create a band where the actions of friends and family affect the outcome of the band. Individual wants and needs, builds up tension, suspense, and dramatic moments to create a climax at the conclusion of the novel.

Asturias revolves around 8 central characters; Alex, Chrissie, Tash, Marco, Tim, Claire, Max and Symonds. Each character has different opinions and beliefs. They have all been brought up differently. Alex was brought up under strong male influence, where family bonds were strong. This is such a contrast to Marcos upbringing. Marco watched his fathers¡¦ abusive actions and had a mother who never believed in him. Although each character is so diverse, they all held one common aspect; their l„Zve for music. This is what held the band so strongly together.

The structure of this novel has great effectiveness on how each character is perceived and how others perceive them. The uses of first person narrating gives us a subjective point of view, if it was narrated in third person you would get generalised opinions in objective manner. The book is set out so that each character converses in the situation they are in. This gives each character their individuality. Through Chrissies dialogue she seems assertive by the dynamics of Brian Caswell¡¦s writing. The individual responses create different perceptions with individual opinions. This enables us to interpret each character individually.

Each character is perceived differently by others but each have a certain character trait the fits in with the story. For example; Alex is seen as the ¡§backbone of the band¡¨; he is the one who holds it all together. He can seek through situations without stressing too much.

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Whereas Chrissie is seen as the introverted shy character that would rather keep her feelings to herself rather then make a commotion.

As you can see this book is aimed at teenagers, with issues we all understand. The way Brian Caswell presents this book is what makes it interesting; he addresses issues that appeal to us and explain them in a way the given audience would understand. He writes in first person to make the book more personal, so you too, have a bond with the characters.

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