Maximum Ride Angel Book Trailer Assignment

This movie, though originally an amazing novel, was horrific. The graphics of the flying, fighting and wings made me want to scream, as well as some key details that were missed. First of all, NONE of the flock has all that much muscle, they are very thin and tall, though Iggy and Fang were muscular and almost shorter than Max. Fang's name was never mentioned at all during the movie (so I'm sure people are like, what is his name???), and he also was blonde(?). Like, what? Fang is supposed to be this tall, dark aura of sarcasm and quietness, which was definitely not portrayed AT ALL with the actor (not to mention, again, HE WAS BLONDE). Iggy is supposed to be the tallest of the flock, and yet he seemed shorter than Max(?) and also seemed very not blind. He also is supposed to be the only way that the flock really eats, since Max sucks at cooking and despite being blind, Iggy is a superb chef (which was never mentioned at all). Oh, and to add to my annoyance of the movie's portrayal of Iggy, he was dark haired, kinda sarcastic at some points and his relationship with Gazzy was not even close to how it is in the books. Now onto my main gal, Maximum Ride. Her sassy yet caring self was mean and rough, which was clearly seen in some of the first scenes of the movie. It seemed as if the flock was forced together and had no real bond except at the end of the movie (WHICH IRKED ME TO NO END). She was also very...not mixed race??? Her hair is supposed to be died blonde when they're all in the city, and end up getting makeovers, but very dark brown before. OOOH, and her wings (well, all of their wings in general). Do people have no sense of measurement? It clearly stated that their wings were very much larger than their bodies but yet at some point, seemed to be half their body length? Like...what? Now onto the younger of the flock. Gazzy was never seen showing his skill of voice imitation and no one ever saw how close he was with Iggy or his sister (in fact, they seemed like they were annoyed with each other?). Nudge is not a bratty little rulebreaker, but is very talkative and loving. She also never was yelled at by Max, who is pretty chill for the most part. And Angel. Her only lines were at the end of the movie, but yet, we never heard her? Also, where was the special bond that is between Max and her? Right, it was never shown. All in all, this movie was a bust, and it really pained me to watch one of my favorite books become such a terrible film. I really hope they remake it soon into something much much better.

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