Cis/292 Week 5 Assignment

BIS/221 Week 2

Everything listed for Week 2 is included in this purchase!


Charter:Individual Assignment


Resources: Week 2 Learning Team Collaborative Discussion and the Learning Team Charter for Collaborative Learning Activities.

Write a 150- to 200-word individual response to the following:

    • Consider the multiple definitions of collaboration.
    • Define collaboration and how you will apply it in this course based upon the

        discussion with your Learning Team. Be sure to reference and cite your sources.
    • Answer the questions individually.


How often should team members meet to discuss an assignment deliverable?


How will we work with others to achieve our assignment goals and work through conflict?


What modes of communication will we use? Where will we communicate?

Team contributions

What are the expectations for equitable contributions from each team member?

Assignment deadlines

Identify the dates in which team collaborative activities should be completed in order to complete the individual assignments

Other Considerations

Include any other special considerations for this team

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment and be sure to attach a copy of your Learning Team Charter for Collaborative Learning Activities.



Individual: Business Value of Software Applications

Option #1-Part I & Part II / Summary and Memo / Word Count: 1,929 words!

Option #2-Part I & Part II / Summary and Memo / Word Count: 1,532 words!


Security in the work place is a major concern businesses must address to protect company data. In addition, to automated security, it is also the company's responsibility to implement policies and procedures for the handling of data by company personnel. Students will research risks and threats to digital data and develop security policies all company personnel must be trained on and be held accountable to protect company data.
Part 1
Develop a 1,400-word summary describing the challenges businesses have in securing data in today's technological environment:
      • Include risks and threats of company data.
      • What policies/procedures should be implemented for the handling of data

          ensure data protection and business continuity?
Use the following features of Microsoft Word in your summary:
      • A Microsoft Word memo template.
      • Either a bulleted or numbered list of the new security policies/procedures, and

          bold or changed font color so this list is highly visible.
      • Highlight the effective date so it stands out.
      • Insert an image that is relevant to the memo content. Images must also be

          cited and referenced.
Save as a Microsoft Word document saved under the following format:
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
Part 2
Develop a 175-word memo announcing the new security policies to all employees taking effect in one month following mandatory training.
Search online for a Microsoft memo template.
Create an eye-catching memo that is clear and to the point concerning the new security policies. APA formatting is not required for this part of the assignment.
Save as a Microsoft Word document saved under the following format:
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit both parts of your assignments.


Learning Team Charter for Collaborative Learning Activities
Complete the Learning Team Charter for Collaborative Learning Activities with your Learning Team.
Each student must submit their own copy of the Learning Team Charter highlighting their input.


BIS/221 Week 2 Discussion Questions

Three Answer Choices included with each Discussion Question.


Supporting Activity:  Document Management Information Systems

What is a "Document Management Information System" and how valuable is it to organizations?


Supporting Activity: PDF Documents

What is a PDF and how is it used - is it secure?


Supporting Activity: Viruses

Class, Why do you think we are seeing so many top company's being hacked? Is it due to poor security measures?


Supporting Activity:Malware

Class, How do you protect your devices from malicious malware? Do you see the value of antivirus software?


Supporting Activity:Controls

Class. Identify the three major types of controls that organizations can use to protect their information resources, and provide an example of each one.




BSA/385 Week 4 (New 2016)

Individual: Kudler Frequent Shopper Program:

Part I, Part II, and Part III COMBINED!

Word Count: 3,895 words = A+ work! 19 Pages!


Background: Smith Consulting is a firm that has been contracted to develop the Frequent Shopper Program for Kudler Fine Foods. The student will complete the following individual assignments in Weeks Two through Four, in the context of the firm working on the project.


Week 2 Assignment: Frequent Shopper Program, Part I

Research, write, and provide a 4 to 6-page proposal of at least two methods the firm might consider for completing the Frequent Shopper Program. Include the following in the proposal:

  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages for each method relative to this project.
  • Functional and non-functional requirement

Week 3 Assignment: Frequent Shopper Program, Part II
Create a 2- to 3-page technical architecture document for the Frequent Shopper Program defining the following:

  • Hardware platform: Describe the hardware environment to support the development and production of this system.
  • Network connections between the stores and headquarters: A network diagram is required.
  • Database information: An entity-relationship diagram (ERD) is expected for customer data covering personal data and purchases.
  • User interfaces: Describe the interface for data collection and notification to store personnel and customers.
  • Controls: Describe the controls to make sure the customer information is accurately maintained and the purchase activity is accurately captured.
  • Security: Describe the security measures to protect the customer's personal and purchase history data.

Week 4 Assignment: Frequent Shopper Program, Part III
Continue to add another 2- to 3-pages to the document created in the Week Three individual assignment to cover the following:

  • Software Development Tools: Describe the software development tool proposed to build this application.
  • Version control strategy






Includes Kudler Fine Foods Network Diagram and Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)



Learning Team (New 2016)

Smith Consulting - Testing Procedure 

Word Count: 1,505 words = A+


Draft a 2-page testing procedure to be used by Smith Consulting whenever they provide software to their clients. The procedures will be used by Smith Consulting to demonstrate that the software they are delivering is reliable, accurate, and fault tolerant. These procedures must be adequate to support both Smith developed software and any commercial off-the-shelf software they are delivering to their clients.


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