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Essay on Barriers to effective communication in a group:
Effective communication is very significant for the determination of the company’s trend. It is important to note that effective communication fosters the attainment of the group’s preset goals. Conversely, miscommunication leads to delivery of invalid information hence decline in the productivity of the group. In severe cases, lack of effective communication promotes misunderstanding between the involved parties thus may end up in conflicts. In order for communication to hold and be effective, the mode of information transmission ought to be reliable, and this will deem complete upon the reception of the feedback. However, it is difficult to attain effective communication owing to various barriers that deem detrimental. The management of every organization should enact policies governing communication within the hierarchy of the group to avert the encroaching barriers.

Lack of trust
Trust is one of the fundamental elements of any successful team. As highlighted, the level of trust progresses positively or negatively in each interaction amongst members of a given group (Robbins and Tim 316). When trust cease to exist between various parties within the group, then the information may not reach the intended destination in its original form. Lack of trust hinders the communication process in the sense that some group members may distort some information aimed at enhancing communication. This implies lack of trust is an impetus to information distortion and manipulation that lead to miscommunication hence making the organization less effective. Trust instills confidence amongst the group members hence the increased openness amongst the group members. This boosts the efficiency of the communication….

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