Work Rest Play Gcse Art Coursework

Externally Set Task

Each exam board calls the final exam a different name - the externally set task/assignment or terminal exam, for example. It is usually worth 40 per cent of your GCSE mark.

What do I do?

You must respond to one theme that is set by your exam board. Some boards will give you a choice of themes. From this starting point you must develop your own work and produce a final piece based on your research. This is similar to how you develop your work for your coursework.

You will have a number of weeks to research the theme and create a body of preparatory studies in your sketchbook. The final part of the examination project is a 10-hour exam where you will create your final piece, linked to your sketchbook research.

How will my work be assessed?

The preparatory studies and your final piece for your examination are marked in exactly the same way as your coursework. All your work is handed in at the end of the examination.

What if I need help during the exam?

Your teacher can give you technical assistance - for example, helping you to mix a particular colour - but can't comment on the artistic quality of the work.

What should I take into the examination?

Make sure you have your sketchbook and all the materials and tools you need.

The following activities do not get counted as part of your exam time:

  • preparation of print materials, such as filing edges of perspex or metal print plates
  • stretching of screens, preparation of blocks and plates
  • mixing of photographic chemicals, washing and drying prints
  • arrangement of a still life. You can take the materials for a still-life group into the exam.
  • rest time for life models
  • the making of a bare model stage
  • fixing dye, dyeing yarn, washing and finishing of hand-woven fabrics or stretching of embroidery
  • casting and mounting of models and sculptures
  • drying of printing inks, oil paints, varnishes, glues or papier-mâché
  • drying and firing time for sculptural work

For ceramicists: the firing of the kiln is not counted in the time you're given but preparing the clay and the shaping of the work is. Ceramic work should be fired and completed before you present it for assessment, and you'll need plenty of time for drying-out and firing.

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Dear Christopher. I said I wanted to explain to you why I went away when I had the time to do it properly. Now I have lots of time. So I’m sitting on the sofa here with this letter and the radio on and I’m going to try and explain.

I was not a very good mother, Christopher. Maybe if things had been different, maybe if you’d been different, I might have been better at it. But that's just the way things turned out.

I'm not like your father. Your father is a much more patient person. He just gets on with things and if things upset him he doesn't let it show.

But that's not the way I am and there's nothing I can do to change it.

Do you remember once when we shopping in town together? And we went into Bentalls and it was really crowded and we had to get a Christmas present for Grandma? And you were frightened because of all the people in the shop. It was the middle of Christmas shopping when everyone was in town. And I was talking to Mr Land who works on the kitchen floor and went to school with me. And you crouched down on the floor and put your hands over your ears and you were in the way of everyone so I got cross because I don’t like shopping at Christmas either...

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