Cover Letters For Clerical Jobs

Your cover letter provides you with the opportunity to show potential employers you have the tangible experience to fill a clerical position. A successful cover letter expands on your resume by tailoring your experiences to a specific industry and job listing. A strong document can help you get the job while a weak one could send your application into the trash. Examining the professional clerical cover letter sample below can help you create a document that stands above the rest.

Professional Clerical Cover Letter Sample

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Clerical Cover Letter Must-Haves

Tailoring your resume to the skills outlined in the job posting can help you demonstrate your ability to meet the company’s needs. Rather than sticking to generic skills and details, you want to clearly describe why you are the best fit for the job through specific experiences. At the same time, you need to avoid repeating your resume and use the letter to enhance your previous work experience. Additionally, you should avoid clichĂ©s and generalities and focus more on creating a unique but professional document. Be sure you direct your letter to a specific hiring manager or individual rather than use a generic madam or sir. Reviewing the professional clerical cover letter sample can help you craft your own effective letter.

Best Action Verbs for a Clerical Cover Letter

As shown in the professional clerical cover letter sample, using strong action words can help you more clearly convey your experiences. You want to include industry specific verbs like organized, budgeted, filed, interacted, aided, directed, managed, provided, balanced, and instituted.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Ms. Samuels,

You are looking for a cleric who can balance a number of duties and expectations. As a highly organized individual who excels at multitasking, I feel I am an excellent candidate for your clerical assistant position at Johnson & Associates. The clerical job posting notes you desire a candidate to not only answer phones, but also perform filing, budgeting, and billing at your law office. Over the last five years, I worked as an assistant in multiple offices, and most recently, I have worked for a recognized law firm. In this position, I regularly interact with clients over the phone and in person and adequately direct them to the appropriate individual while being patient and courteous. Additionally, I organized files and crafted an effective system to ensure they were easily accessible. Finally, I manage the firm’s books as well as bill clients for company services. I am organized and punctual. I always show up on time and have proven my ability to meet deadlines while balancing a variety of tasks. My multitasking abilities have been put to the test again and again, and I continually rise to the occasion. With my experience, I am ready to immediately jump into this position. I would enjoy speaking with you further about how my multitasking, organization, and initiative can meet the needs of Johnson & Associates. Thank you for your consideration.

John Doe

Clerk Resume Cover Letter

Clerk is the title that refers to a white collar worker who is responsible for conducting tasks related to general offices or in some cases related to sales. Commonly the duties of clerical workers include staffing service counters, filing, record keeping, and other administrative tasks.

There are different job titles in the clerical job fields like:

  • City clerk
  • County clerk
  • Data entry clerk
  • Law clerk
  • Patent clerk
  • Court clerk

While, the large organizations and offices require an administrative hierarchy, few job titles just show the ranking of certain positions, e.g. junior clerk, head clerk, senior clerk, clerk, senior principal clerk, principal clerk, senior chief clerk, chief clerk, senior executive clerk, executive clerk, principal executive clerk.

So while applying for the position of clerk it is necessary to send cover letter with the resume. Cover letter will differentiate you among the applicants and improves the chances of getting an interview.

The best cover letter should contain the following elements:

In the first line of letter mention your interest in the position for which you are going to apply. This will help the employer to know easily that you are really interested in doing this job.

Then start second paragraph by briefly explaining your qualifications and skills and how they are applicable for this position. Write down many of your background experiences and attributes from the advertisement only because these are the only elements that the potential employer is seeking.

In the closing paragraph mention that you have attached the resume in case if you send it via an e-mail, or your resume is included with FAX or in the envelope, for their review.

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