Revision For Gcse Science Coursework

Writing a controlled assessment of a set text requires planning. You need to think about themes, ideas and characters as well as identifying language techniques and presentation features - then structure your assessment before you start writing.

Making a plan for your controlled assessment

You should focus on the following main areas:

  • what your text is about (its themes or ideas)
  • who your text is about (the characters and how they speak)
  • how the ideas or characters are expressed

For this you will need to identify language techniques and presentational features (just as you would in your reading and writing non-fiction exam). Finally, you will end with a conclusion, summarising your main point and how you have proved it.

Before you write your controlled assessment, you should plan all the points you are going to make and the order in which you are going to make them. Your plan should follow a structure, which we will explore in this Revision Bite.

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Hi guys,

It was quite difficult for me to find revision material for the AQA computer science course, but here are some of the things I used last year to achieve an A* in Computer Science.

[ AQA Past papers] ,

[ New Specification specimen paper] ,

[ Computer Science Tutor Videos] ,

'''[[Revision Books I recommend:]]
My Revision Notes AQA GCSE Computer Science Computing Fundamentals by Steve Cushing (This is the only one I used, and knew about)

[[Revision Notes:]]'''

I also made some revision notes that i would like to share with you all.
It can be found here:


I really recommend doing the all the past papers and specimen papers (even though there are only a few). Don't forget the specimen papers found in the new specification for teaching from next year ( I have linked it above) . Those papers have some questions which are irrelevant to this spec but just search through the papers to find questions you can answer. You can also attempt questions from other exam boards who have more past papers available.

The Specification is your best friend. Print it out and any note taking you do, make sure it confirms with the spec.
[ The SPEC]

Coursework-wise and exam-wise, I got A* for both, and i was predicted a B. The coursework was difficult and I'm sorry for not having any tips in relation to that, as I've forgotten everything since I've started AS levels.

Nonetheless, I hope you all good in your exams. Finally, Don't start revision late

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