Ptcas Reapplicant Essay Physical Therapy

Q: Does PTCAS save or carry over any application materials from one admissions cycle to the next if I reapply in the future?

A: If your application was “verified” for your designated PT programs in the 2015-16 admissions cycle and you re-apply, PTCAS can pull your application materials forward into the current admissions cycle. It is the re-applicant’s responsibility to verify that the imported information is accurate and complete.

PTCAS will pull most application data forward, including:

  • All colleges and universities attended
  • All United States coursework previously verified by staff
  • All Canadian coursework listed on the application
  • All United States transcripts, Canadian transcripts and Foreign Transcript Evaluations received
  • All listed extracurricular activities, honors and work experiences

Re-applicants are advised to re-submit GRE scores to the correct GRE code for every designated program in PTCAS as some institutions do not (1) accept GRE scores sent via PTCAS or (2) pull previously received GRE scores forward into the new admissions cycle.

The following items are not pulled forward by PTCAS from the previous cycle:

  • References*
  • PT Observation Hours and Verification Forms
  • Essays
  • Payments
  • PT Program Designations
  • Responses to Custom Questions for PT Programs

*If required by the designated PT programs, re-applicants are encouraged to submit new references to demonstrate what steps they have taken to improve their application since they last applied.

Please be aware that there will be NO REAPPLICANT FEATURE between the 2016-17 application cycle and the 2017-18 application cycle, due to PTCAS moving to an updated application platform.

Q: How do I enter newly completed coursework since I applied last cycle?

A: To list newly completed coursework on your PTCAS application, list the institution where the coursework was completed on your application in the “Institutions Attended” section, then add the courses in the “Coursework” section. If the institution where the coursework was listed as a part of your application last cycle, you will need to list it again before you can add your newly completed coursework for this institution. PTCAS must receive an updated transcript with your latest coursework included before your application will be considered complete.

Q: How do I change which classes I have selected for my Core PT Prerequisites if I applied last cycle?

A: In order to have your Core PT Prerequisite course selections changed on your new application, you will need to send a written request to PTCAS at indicating which courses you no longer wish to have identified as Core PT Prerequisites, as well as which specific courses you would like matched to each Core PT Prerequisite. PTCAS will not be able to make these changes unless the request is received in writing and has all of the necessary information.

Q: How do I enter an updated degree for an institution if I have no updated coursework?

A: In order to enter an updated degree for an institution at which you have no new coursework to report, you must follow the steps below:

  1. List the institution again in the “Institutions Attended” section of the application with the updated degree information.
  2. Arrange for an updated official transcript reflecting this newly earned degree sent to PTCAS.
  3. Enter a placeholder term and course in the “Coursework” section of the application with the information below:
    1. Term: select term in which the degree was earned.
    2. Course Title: enter “Degree Awarded”
    3. Course Prefix and Number: enter “Degree”
    4. Course Level: select Upper-Division
    5. Course Subject: select Other Course
    6. Grade: select NG
    7. Credit Hours: enter “0.0″
    8. Special Classification: select Not Applicable

This will allow us to receive the updated transcript for you and verify your new degree status.

Helpful threads from the Student Doctor Network forums.

The Student Doctor Network Forums are an invaluable resource. I learned so much about applying from students and physical therapists, what to expect when school begins, and was able to ask my own questions. I’ve put together some of the best threads on common topics, so please read if you’d like a ton of advice from very knowledgable people. I have also included helpful posts from other blogs and websites. I made a thread with this post here, if you would like to view the FAQ on that site.

Make sure to check the dates of each individual post – some threads are years old, so the advice may be a little outdated, or you may not get many replies if you make a comment. Always double check any information with PTCAS or with the school itself, rather than relying only on the info within the threads.

General Information
High School/Undergrad/Prereqs
Observation Hours
Letters of Recommendation
Choosing PT Schools
Non-Trads/Career Change
Considering PT/Other Career Fields
Physical Therapy School
Physical Therapy Career
Life Advice


General Information

How to Apply to Physical Therapy School – 2015 – New Grad Physical Therapy, written by DPT Know
PTCAS Programs
Non-Participating PTCAS Programs
PTCAS Program Prerequisites
PTCAS Application Instructions
PTCAS Frequently Asked Questions
PTCAS Facebook Page
Ask a DPT Admissions Director – 2014
The Physical Therapy Admissions Process – Part 1 – 2011
The Physical Therapy Admissions Process – Part 2 – 2011

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High School/Undergrad/Prereqs

Undergrad research – 2015
Prereqs more than 10 yrs old? – 2015
Advice for undergrad freshmen – 2015
Is it better to get a WU or F? – 2015
Online classes – 2015
Year Off Jobs – 2015
PT Aide – Thoughts? – 2014
I am doing well in classes but I am not truly learning the content. Is this a big problem? – 2014
Experiences re-taking prerequisites at community college? – 2014
What is your undergraduate degree? – 2014
HS student needs help to make a pathway to become a PT! – 2014
How did you do in physics? – 2014
PTA vs exercise science as a terminal degree, career options? – 2014
What if I didn’t enjoy some of my undergrad science courses? – 2013
Suggested Classes – 2013
Bachelor’s Degree: PT related vs unrelated? – 2013
Recent high school graduate, solid plan for physical therapy? – 2012
Physics advice – 2012
What’s More Important: Overall GPA or Pre-Req GPA – 2012
How’d you do in chem, physics? – 2011
Prerequisite set-up – 2011
Community college courses and PT school – 2011
C vs. W grade – 2011
Question on Exercise Science Major – 2011
B- in anatomy & lab. Am I in trouble? – 2011

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How to Apply to Physical Therapy School – 2016 – My Road to PT
Question about E-submission and school specific questions – 2015
Early decision timing – 2015
Answering if academic record reflects capabilities – 2015
Just a thought for all of you applying this cycle – 2015
What was the hardest part of the DPT application process for you? – 2015
Is worrying about getting into PT school more or less stressful than actual PT school? – 2015
Apply this summer or take a year off? – 2015
Getting organized – 2015
What are the most important sections on the application? – 2015
Be kind and inform your declined schools – 2015
How many schools did you apply to? – 2014
My Experiences in the Application Process – 2014
PTCAS Questions – 2014
Why the ridiculous number of unqualified applicants? – 2014
Is it better to apply earlier? – 2013
Have your academic update transcripts arrived at PTCAS? – 2013
PTCAS confusion? 2013-2014? Waiting for application to be released – 2013
When to Apply – 2013
Cold Feet – 2013
What percent of applications do colleges deny on average? – 2013
Getting a transcript for PTCAS application and supplemental apps – 2013
Processing Status & GRE Status (PTCAS) – 2012
What do you think is an appropriate # of schools to apply to? – 2012
Can PT schools see to which other PT schools you apply to? If so, is it bad? – 2012
PTCAS processing – 2012
Can someone explain the application process please – 2012
E-submitting before 2nd summer session ends – 2012
Early Decision affecting Regular Decision – 2011
How important are extra curriculars? – 2011

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Observation Hours

Observation hours for non-trad – 2015
Question about observation hours – 2015
Contacting DPTs for Observation Hours – 2015
Unique Shadowing Advice – 2015
Guide to Observation Hours – 2015 – My Road to PT
What to expect on first day – 2014
Hours as patient as observation hours? – 2014
Observation hours/setting help – 2014
Observation hours overkill – 2014
Volunteer/Observation Hours on nights or weekends – 2012
How important is volunteering in an acute/inpatient setting? – 2012
Is it hard to get volunteer hours? – 2011
Best way to get observational hours – 2011
Frustrating, Unsettling Day of Volunteering – 2010
How to know you are observing a “good” physical therapist – 2010

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Low GRE score and DPT admissions, help! – 2015
Good GRE Score – 2015
GRE Verbal Score – 2015
What is the best way to prepare for the GRE? – 2015
GREs – 2015
How to Prepare for the GRE – 2015 – My Road to PT
GRE prep advice – 2014
Applying to PT, not yet taken GRE. – 2014
GRE score question – 2014
How are my chances? I’m so nervous (low GRE) – 2014
Test Taking Tips: How I Got Into the 90th Percentile – 2014 – Beyond the Khaki Pants
GRE Study Timeline – 2013
Does GRE weigh heavy on admissions? – 2013
GRE Vocabulary – 2013
Would you retake the GRE? – 2013
GRE prep – 2012
How did you guys prepare for the GRE? – 2012

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Letters of Recommendation

Ever been refused a Letter of Recommendation? – 2015
Appropriate way of asking for a letter of recommendation? – 2012
My A & P teacher wants to write me a LOR but… – 2011
How do you get letters of recommendation? – 2011

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How to Write Your Application Essays – 2016 – My Road to PT
Supplemental Essays character limit – 2015
PTCAS Essay question for 2015-2016 application cycle! – 2015
Tackle the Reapplicant Essay – 2015 – DPT Know
Tips For This Year’s PTCAS Essay Prompt – 2015 – DPT Know
Essay – 2015
This year’s personal statement prompt? – 2014
Should I or should I not write about this in my essay? – 2014
Re-applicant essay – 2013
Does your personal statement have to be 4500 characters? – 2011

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Congratulations, You Have an Interview! Here is a Guide to Help You Prepare. – 2016 – My Road to PT
Interview – 2015
Questions to Ask During an Interview – 2015 – DPT Know
50 Interview Questions to Prep With – 2015 – DPT Know
Interview tips – 2014
Interview: guys, what to wear? – 2014
How to become a PT/OT. Interview Advice Video – 2014
What to wear to interview? – 2013
How to Survive the PT School Interview – 2013 – The PT Student
What to wear on a DPT school interview? – 2012

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Choosing PT Schools

Foreign PT Degree vs DPT – 2015
Why rankings don’t matter? – 2015
Private vs Public – 2015
How much does the school matter? – 2015
Didactic vs Clinical Emphasis in PT School – 2015
Does your program’s ranking affect the job search? – 2015
DPT in under 3 years? – 2015
Good schools emphasizing manual therapy – 2015
Does your school rank affect your starting salary? – 2015
How important is a school’s NPTE pass rate? – 2015
Two year Doctor of Physical Therapy program? – 2014
Which schools use the last 60 credit hours or take highest grade? – 2013
Question – cheaper to go to out of state or private schools? – 2013
Virtual Anatomy – 2013
Schools Without Interviews? – 2013
Accepting a school: Back up plan? – 2013
Programs with no gross anatomy? – 2013
Anyone have any opinions on the DPT programs that are only 2.5 years long? – 2012
Need a little advice on choosing schools – 2012
Big Name Schools vs. No Name Schools – 2012
Which physical therapy programs have a strong emphasis on manual therapy? – 2012
Can you accept two schools at once? – 2012
Cheapest DPT Programs? – 2011
Did you apply to in-state or out-of-state schools? – 2011
Any schools that don’t require interviews? – 2011
How to choose the right school – 2010

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Should I retake these courses? – 2015
Post grad options – 2015
Getting into DPT school with low undergrad GPA – 2015
Low science GPA, decent overall GPA – 2015
Newbie here, need insight on DPT applications – 2015
What are my chances and is PT school still a good financial investment? – 2015
At a complete please? – 2014
Had super low gpa for first bachelors…going for second to get in pt? – 2014
Kicked out of PT School, reapplying with low gpa. Chances? – 2014
Pre-Physical Therapy with 2.56 GPA? – 2013
What are my PT school chances? – 2012
What are my chances? – 2012
Low GPA from highly difficult school? – 2012
I need some serious help! – 2012
Making application more competitive? – 2012
Oh…Discouragement – 2011
Low GPA? Me too. (2.9) Here’s where to apply – 2010

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Rejections/Reapplying (Also a lot of low GPA advice)

PTCAS reapplicant question – 2015
Need help/advice about reapplying to DPT programs – 2015
Waitlisted and/or rejected – 2015
What to do when you don’t get accepted? – 2015
Over worked and under rewarded. Need helpful suggestions for getting into PT school! Please! – 2015
I need help keeping faith about pt here is my story – 2014
Anyone applying for the 2nd time? discuss your experience and what you have done to improve? – 2014
Didn’t get in but had decent stats – 2013
Plan B Advice with Intention of Reapplying – 2013
Re-applicant essay – 2013
My story (never give up) – 2013
A Lesson in Perseverance – 2013
Acceptances = 0 – 2012
“I’m sorry but your application wasn’t good enough” – 2012
What are options if I don’t get into PT school? – 2012
No acceptances, applying again next year! – 2011

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Non-Trads/Career Change

Should I worry about this grade from years ago? – 2015
Career change – is this feasible? – 2015
Reason for Career Change to PT – 2015
Decided on PT school… now what? – 2014
Pre-reqs, V-Hours, etc. Galore (Path to a career change) – 2014
10 Years Since Undergrad; Career Change – 2014
Non-trads, are you bored with “easy” prereqs after finishing the more difficult ones? – 2014
Just starting this process and need advice – 2014
For Non-Trads: Things I Wish I Knew – 2013
What would you do in my shoes? – 2013
Career Change student – Does PT Aide job experience matter that significantly? – 2013
How old is too old? – 2012
Other NonTrad PT-hopefuls? – 2012
Second Career/Older PT Applicants – 2012
Want to make a complete 180 into PT and need advice – 2011
How are non-traditional students paying for DPT program, plus living expenses? – 2011
What can a non-trad student do to increase odds of DPT acceptance? – 2011
For those of you pursuing PT as a second career… – 2011
Older DPT students? – 2010

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Considering PT/Other Career Fields

PM&R, Physical Therapy, and Imaging – 2015
Dentistry or PT – 2015
Physical Therapy Through the Military/ROTC? – 2015
DPT or PA working in sports? – 2015
New member (intro and questions) – 2015
Dislike Physical Contact with Patients – 2014
PTA vs exercise science as a terminal degree, career options? – 2014
Occupational Therapy vs Physical Therapy – 2014
Paramedic to PT or PA – 2014
Why are you going into PT? – 2013
PT vs MD – 2012
PT vs Sports Medicine Physician – 2011
Why PT over other Career Options? – 2011
What other career options have you considered? – 2011
DPT vs PTA – 2011
Physical Therapy or Physician Assistant – 2009
Why Physical Therapy? – 2009
DPT versus Chiropractor – 2009
Any PTs to MDs or PTs to DOs? – 2007

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I created a survey to gather data on DPTs debt and how they are managing it – 2015
What made you decide a 100k+ tuition school was worth it? – 2015
Big Decision – 2015
Loans Loans Loans – 2015
Making school more affordable – 2015
Do schools offer signing bonuses? – 2015
Working Part Time while in School? – 2015
Advice on using loans for cost of living. How do you do it? – 2015
Debt is scaring me… regret a decision, help? – 2014
Will salaries match the rising cost of tuition? – 2014
Is PT school still financially worth pursuing? – 2014
Question about the cost of DPT schools? – 2014
Concerned parent looking for feedback on the amount of loans for PT – 2014
What is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your DPT degree? – 2014
Physical Therapy and Money $$$ – 2014
Physical therapist success? – 2014
Loans loans loans – 2014
Recent Grads! Can we talk about your financial situation? – 2013
Trends in PT salary – 2013
Loans!!! – 2013
Value of DPT Degree – 2013
PT school debt spreadsheet – 2013
Direct PLUS Loan vs Others – 2013
What are the best methods of lower student loans and debt? – 2013
Income Based Repayment Plan: Does it blur the line between tuition costs? – 2013
DPT School Loans – Am I crazy to do this? – 2012
A redundant word of advice from a current DPT grad – 2012
Post the cheapest schools you know of ITT – 2012
Financial aid? – 2012
Cost of Attendance? What’s a significant difference? – 2012
Does anybody else think they are crazy? – 2012
Starting Salary for DPT new-grads – 2012
Concerns about DEBT – 2011

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Physical Therapy School

What year (1-3) do you typically work with real patients? – 2015
Introverted PT? – 2015
Body image and PT school – 2015
Comfortable, active dress shoes – 2015
Overwhelmed by human gross anatomy – 2015
First Week/Year Thoughts – 2015
Grades in PT School – 2015
Post-Acceptance Thoughts – 2015
Advice on moving out of state? – 2015
Helpful things for pt students? – 2015
Is worrying about getting into PT school more or less stressful than actual PT school? – 2015
Working Part Time while in School? – 2015
First Week/Year Thoughts – 2015
Note taking – 2015
Anatomy and Physiology Apps – 2015
PT School – Do I Belong Here? – 2014
Tips on studying/note taking in PT School? – 2014
Studying for anatomy before PT school. – 2014
Life of a First Year? – 2014
Cadaver lab not what I expected… – 2014
Best way to study anatomy before school starts? – 2014
Laptops/tablets/technology advice for PT school – 2014
Body Image and PT School – 2014
Books before DPT program – 2014
MUST haves for PT school – 2013
The dilemma of a lifetime (roommates vs. living alone) – 2013
Taking off shirt in PT school? – 2013
What is a PT Student’s Week Like? – 2013
D on first test in DPT school. Where to go from here? – 2013
Welcome to Physical Therapy School – 2013 – The Life of a DPT Student
How to Survive First Semester – 2013 – PT to be in ’15
How to Thrive in Second Semester of PT School – 2013 – PT to be in ’15
Grades in PT School – 2012
Classes in PT School – 2012
Study study? – 2012
Clinical Rotations – 2011
Just finished the first two days of classes… – 2011
For those of you starting pt school this fall… – 2011
Importance of a laptop/netbook/smartphone – 2011
Ipad for DPT Program? – 2011
Advice for those of us starting in the fall? – 2010
Advice for those about to start PT school soon – 2009
How hard is PT school? – 2008

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Physical Therapy Career

PT Lifestyle – 2015
States That Lack Direct Access, Discussion of the DPT – 2015
Job Interviews and SNF Questions – 2015
Benefits of Residency and Specialization – 2015
Extra titles after DPT – 2015
New Grads: How have you and your classmates fared finding a job? – 2014
Top 7 Lessons From My First Year in Practice – 2014 – Physical Therapy Haven
Advice from a new PT, salaries, stress, etc. – 2013
5 Pieces of Advice for New Graduates – 2013 – The Student Physical Therapist
Do you have to be “sporty” to be a good physical therapist? – 2011
Can PTs specialize in athletics/work for a university? – 2010
Physical Therapist Career – no worries after work hours? – 2010
Can quiet people succeed in PT? – 2010

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Life Advice

DPT and Long Distance Relationship – 2015
DPT and Married Life – 2015
Tattoos in DPT school – 2014
To have or not to have a baby – 2013
Owning a dog in PT school? – 2013
Dating/Relationships in PT School – 2013
Married and applying for PT school? – 2013
When to have children? – 2009

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